Meet the mother of all our breads

Good Morning everyone! Moody and stormy today - I know Ayla loves the sun, but I love, love, love windy and stormy weather.

We wanted to introduce you to someone (am I losing it?! No, because she’s certainly very alive!) who is integral to our bakery.

Dolores, she’s the mother of all our sourdough loaves and focaccia, pancakes on the weekend. Born in June 2019, she’s a very vigorous little starter - this photo is of freshly mixed in flour. Swipe left for how she looks after she’s gobbled up all that new food. Her diet is a mix of wholemeal, dark rye and strong white. She changes and flows with the heat or cold of her habitat and we try our best to read her moods and moments. That’s natural yeast or wild yeast for you.

She’s the boss and she knows it and can throw her weight around as we scrabble to adjust. Mostly we succeed and she gives us the most amazing, flavourful and supple bread. So we ain’t complaining’.

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