Happy, Shiny Scones

Do you know how we finally managed the shiny glaze on the cheese and chive scones? Read on for a bit of egg-glazing gyan. Neither Ayla nor I have been anywhere near a baking school or a cookery course or suchlike so no surprise that it only (only!) took us a year into our baking journey to realise we could do some makeup on our scones to transform them into shiny happy people. But scones, not people. And yes, looks matter!

The secret is a double glaze. But first things first, make your egg wash: Ours is egg and a splash of milk, more egg than milk but not so think that you get an omelette. We glaze the scones or anything that needs to look shiny once, and then five mins later, after the first layer has time to settle in, seal the surface and get comfy, we brush another layer on and pop them into a very hot oven. And et voila this is how they come out: this photo has not been touched up in any way.

We got this tip from Steve at @thedevonbaker, whose post about glazing randomly showed up one day when I was surfing insta. He also suggested sieving the egg wash to remove the lumpy, stringy bits of egg white.

Another top tip from a french baker who Ayla loves: adding a pinch of salt to the egg wash helps break down the egg, making it silkier. So ya, we hope the 20 or so of you who always like our posts and read to the end find this useful too. Happy baking!

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