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We are a micro-bakery based in Brockley delivering delicious organic sourdough bread and treats to your door, within SE4 and a reasonable radius. We launched in July 2020 and have a 5-star food hygiene rating.


We are also Simrat and Ayla! Little Nest Bakery is our way of sharing our love of baking, cooking and eating great food. We met in September 2019, when our children started primary school. We started bringing each other food from our respective Turkish and Indian cuisines and that shared love of delicious food cemented our friendship.


We talked about setting up a bakery and in June 2020, we decided to go ahead with our plans and to make our business "lockdown-compliant" by design. You place your orders online and we do a contact-less delivery of freshly baked bread and treats to your doorstep. We pride ourselves on stellar customer service. If there's anything we can do for you, just drop us an email at littlenestbakery@gmail.com.

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A career in baking blind-sided me. Being Punjabi, food is a very big part of my life but I have had to learn over several years how to bake and cook delicious food.


Building Little Nest Bakery with Ayla is my third life in career terms. I became a journalist in New Delhi after my MA at Goldsmiths in 2005, followed by a four year stint as an international journalist, covering the UK and Europe for an Indian news channel. I was then recruited as the Head of Marketing and Communications by a fintech company in London. And then I had my kids. My city life hiccuped at the birth of my first one and came to a full stop after the birth of the second one.


I missed my working life but I also didn't want to go back to the same grind. Now Ayla and I have a different grind, a much preferable grind, looking after our children, households and growing our business. We love talking to our customers, feeling embedded in the local community and knowing that people count on us for delicious baked goods.



I love eating bread as much as baking it. I come from where wild einkorn wheat was first grown many thousand years ago and bread was and still is one of the main items in every meal. When I was a child we used to have big bakeries in Istanbul where we could buy warm bread fresh from wood fired clay ovens. It smelled divine and tasted wonderful. Simit, a bagel with sesame seeds or acma, a brioche with nigella seeds are street foods of Istanbul and they are two fond memories of my childhood. I learned about real sourdough in one of my travels in Turkey. I visited a traditional village where women use sourdough starters probably a few decades old to make bread with flour ground from the wheat they grow. They bake these breads in communal bakeries where the pungent smell of freshly baked sourdough loaf beckons the passers-by to the bakery. 

I made several attempts to start my own sourdough starter over the years, sometimes successful, sometimes not. In these attempts, I learnt that sourdough is alive and it changes over time so I try to understand the chemistry and biology of it. I started reading, researching and experimenting. These experiments resulted in some excess bread which I started giving my friends. They liked what I bake and encouraged me to look at baking more seriously. Here I am,  trying to bake seriously and still experimenting and learning.

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161 Upper Brockley Road SE4 1TG, London, England, United Kingdom